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Wooden Computer

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The project is to take parts from the computers and screw them down to a piece of wood and make a functional computer with an operating system


Here are the basic plans for our wooden computer:


Two pieces of wood. Two layers held up by four white columns. On the top layer will be the motherboard. On the bottom layer will be the power supply, the hard drive, the optical drive, and the floppy drive.



Second Floor Plan



First Floor Plan


Daily Log!!!


Day 1: We made plans and got two pieces of wood, then drew an outline of where the columns will go. We started by drilling a big hole in the column spot, and then filing it so its exactly the right size.

Day 2: We finished filing to make it the right size for the first piece of wood.

Day 3: We only have one more hole to finish filing.

Day 4: We made finished holes for the first and second piece of wood, but realized the wires won't reach from one floor to another. We could cut the columns, but I think we will probably just try to put it on one board, seeing as the Celeron motherboard we got is relatively small.


Ya we didn't really keep a daily log throughout the whole project


We decided not to go through with two layer plans, but these were our original plans!!


drilling the holes for the pipes


when we realized it wasn't going to work


working on the project


We have now finished our project. We decided not to make a two layer project. It is too complicated, plus the wires won't reach from one layer to another. We screwed a wooden case to the wood that holds the CD drive and the hard drive. We cut out a wikid sick piece of wood that said wooden, and another that said computer, and we screwed it to our cd drive / hard drive case. We made another case for the Power supply. We ended up screwing the on / off switch to the power supply case. We screwed down the celeron motherboard, with washers between the motherboard and the wood. We needed to put our parts close to each other so the wires would reach, and also make sure it was ergonimically designed so you would be able to use all the features like a regular computer. Because alot of people were frying their motherboards (Daley) we put a copper wire the grounded the charge from our motherboard to our power supply. We got our computer running but only the bios. Just from ten minutes of our bios running, our heatsink was overheating. We screwed a fan to the heatsink and connected it to our power supply. The original CD drive we had was being gay and not opening so we had to get a new one that would. It took us like four different cd drives to find one that would work. Then somebody told us the pc could save data on a MAC hard drive, but it didnt work so we needed to get a new hard drive. Since people put dual hard drives in thier 80p3s, there weren't many in the cabinet. We had to do some searching around to find one, and we finnally did. We tried three times to install ubuntu, but it would always freeze during installation. This took us like a bunch of classes to get a operating system running. Finnally I brought in my Windows XP disc, and it installed so I brought it home two days ago.



Our computer pwns


We were the only ones to just screw it to a piece of wood


We are able to play wikid sweet games now



It runs fine at my house. The copy of Windows XP is illegit, so im going to need to find a new operating system for it. My dad got a free copy of Windows newest server software LONGHORN, so i could use it as a desktop. I don't know if i'll be able to do it though, because the absolute minimum of RAM is 512 MB, and when i took my computer home it only had 128MB of RAM. I might use it as an only music computer. I can store all my music on it and use it kinda like a stereo. I now have two computers in my room (80 p3 and Wooden Computer) I want to eventually network them wirelessly, but i don't know if thats going to happen any time soon.

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