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Custom Computer

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What will this computer be used for? basic computing, gaming, audio editing, internet only, video editing, or specify something else.

This computer will be used for all types of media. It needs to be able to hold all my music on the hard drive. It also needs to be able to play all types of video. It will need a good graphics card and over a gb of ram for hardcore gaming. It will be connected to the internet wirelessly, because the only internet connection is in my basement. It needs to have a DVD burner, so I can burn games for my modded PS2. I want it to be able to run Windows Vista.

Who will use it?

I will use it and keep it in my room, maybe my brother will use it occasionally.

What is the budget? Provide an initial cost goal, then provide a detailed list of parts, vendors and costs.

Right now, I don't have a budget. I still need to search the web to find the average price of things.

How much would this computer cost if it were bought commercially through a company like Dell?

If I were to buy a computer with all the parts I wanted it would cost alot more, because I wouldn't be building it myself, and I would be getting stuff I didn't need. I could buy a package from DELL and then buy the extra parts I wanted and install them myself, and it could be cheaper.





I chose the Asus M2N32-SLI




I chose this mother board because it was made with Windows Vista in mind, has 4 DDR2 memory slots, a PCI express slot, plus two other PCI ports. It also has 4 USB 2.0 ports, a serial port, two LAN ports, and most importantly a Wi-Fi in antenna.


Price: $199.99 Tiger Direct



I chose the AMD Athlon 64




I chose this CPU because most importantly, it is compatible with my motherboard. It is a duel core processor and processes at 2.60GHz.


Price: $234.99 Tiger Direct



I chose the Ultra UV Wizard Blue




I chose this case, because my motherboard fits it. It is made of steel so it can survive if I drop it out my window after I die in CS. It has nine drive bays

- 3x External 5.25" Bays

- 1x External 3.5" Bay

- 5x Internal 3.5" Bays

It has front USB and Firewire ports and front vent. It also has an air duct to suck in cool air from outside, which is essential for those all night gaming sessions. Most importantly it looks wikid chill with one clear side and led lights.


Price: A cheap $29.99 Tiger Direct


Power Supply

I chose the OCZ GameXStream 700 Watt




I chose this because it fits my case, and it is 700 Watts. Definately enough to power my super computer. Plus it looks pretty sweet, and was designed for gamers. 'Nuff said.


Price: $109.99 Tiger Direct


Video Card

I chose the EVGA GeForce 7300 GT




I chose the video card because it uses the PCI Express port on my motherboard and will be able to run games now and in the future well. It has both a DVI and VGA port which is good, along with the TV port. It has 512MB of video memory and a heatsink w/ fan right on the card.


Price: $74.99 Tiger Direct



I chose Kingston 1024MB PC6400 RAM x4.




I chose this RAM because its DDR2, and is the fastest my motherboard can run. Also I have used Kingston RAM before, so it is a brand I can trust.


Price: $99.99 for one $399.96 for four Tiger Direct


Hard Drive(s)

I chose the Seagate 320GB




This is a behemoth of a hard drive. 320 GB will hold everything I use in my life.


Price: $89.99 Tiger Direct


For backing up this essential data I chose the Seagate 320GB external hard drive.




It transports data by way of USB.


Price: $99.99 Tiger Direct


Optical Drive(s)

I chose to get twoLite-On Super-Multi LH20A1H DVD Burners.




It can burn/read DVD's and CD's. I decided I needed two in case I was burning one thing and needed to read another thing via my optical drive. It also has lightscribe which will actually etch into the top whatever you want.


Price: $44.99 Tiger Direct


Cooling System

I chose the Ultra 5.25" Bay Freezer




It is installed in one of the 5.25" bays, and one fan blows out warm air, while another sucks in cool air, even though there are already several fans and an air duct, it would be bad if this super computer overheated so better be safe than sorry.


Price: $9.99 Tiger Direct



I saw this and had to have it. The Ultra 3.5 Floppy Drive w/ Multi Card Reader




For the two times in my life when I'll need a floppy drive, I got this. Its not only a floppy drive, but also reads SmartMedia, SecureDigital, MultiMedia Cards, MicroDrive, Compact Flash, and Memory Sticks. Its pretty saweet.


Price: $29.99 Tiger Direct


Microsoft Vista




Price: $199.99


Linksys Wireless Router




Price: $49.99


Logitech Speakers




Price: $69.99


Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse




Price: $14.99


Megavision Monitor 22"




Price: $229.99

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