Day 1: We received our Pentium III and explored the bios of our computer. We found that the computer's had one floppy drive, one optical drive, one under 10GB hard disk, and not a lot of RAM.


Day 2: We setup the bios to look for the operating system, first in the CD drive, then on the hard drive. We installed ubuntu and played the wikid chill games.


Day 3: We tried to install a second hard drive today but had no success.


Day 4: We found out why our second hard drive didn't work last time. We needed to set it as a slave drive. We did that today and it worked. We now have a slave drive that is much bigger than the primary drive.


Day 5: We tried installing several different sound cards, but we had no luck. We were unable to get ubuntu to recognize we had a sound card when we tried to play mp3s.


Day 6: We found out that it is a bad idea to put metal on the motherboard while the computer is running. Ledin threw metal that landed in our computer and fryed it. We tried replacing various parts but concluded the whole thing was fryed.


Day 7: We grabbed a new computer and installed ubunutu on it. While doing this James explained to us how to make a LAN cable.


Day 8: Colin started making LAN cables while I installed the hard drive from our old computer as a slave.


Day 9: We gave the cable we made last class to Ledin, and the other one connected the router on our table to the wall. Today we made more LAN cables so that now we have one for our computer. Now James, Ledin, Robillard, and us have LAN cables connecting us to the internet.

What was the computer? The computer a was a pentium iii with no operating system and 384 mb of ram. It had no soundcard, one floppy drive, one optical drive, and one hard drive under 10GB.

What have you done to improve it? We installed ubuntu linux as an operating system. We found some ram in the closet and upgraded it. We put in a second 15 GB hard drive as a slave. We put in a soundcard too. It would not work right at first, because it needed a G Streamer plug in.

What else can you do to the computer? When I brought the computer home I installed a second operating system in Windows XP, however I have no way of getting the LAN connection in my basement up to my bedroom, without going wireless. Right now i'm transferring programs to my p3 with my flashdrive.

If you had money, how would you spend it? I would buy a wireless router and a wireless network card. I would also buy a 1 GB stick of RAM and a DVD drive. I might also buy a new case, because the original case isn't that cool and there is no room for a third hard drive. I have a third hard drive to put in, but no place to put it.

What is the best you can make this computer be? To make this computer the best it can be, i would put in a wireless network card, a 1 GB stick of ram, a new graphics card, and a DVD drive.